Hello, we are Orange Robot.
We are minding the technical gap between ideas and customers.

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Find the Gap

We understand how difficult is it to get from *idea* to MVP or even your next release.

Looking for technical cofounder? A CTO or senior technical leadership?
No idea what the next steps are?

We can help provide technical direction appropriate to your idea before your cousin’s roommate starts building your technology stack based on the coolest buzzwords -- instead of proven business ready technology.

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Bridge the Gap

Ready to move ahead? Orange Robot helps you find the best way forward ranging from sourcing freelance help to hiring full-time developers, to providing turn-key custom development for mobile platforms, server-side engineering, and deployment support.

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Fill the Gap

Growing a technical team is hard. We can help fill the gap and help your grow your own internal team to continue your business success. We provide short engagements to help select the right talent or select the right tools.

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