We are focused on

building new technologies

to improve the world.


Need a mobile application? Or is your existing application not cutting it? Orange Robot can help help with native iOS and Android application development.

We understand the smartphone is more than a display, we help you leverage all the capabilities of the phone including Bluetooth, position-based applications, notifications, and local storage of data.


We understand how to design the right server stack to protect you from the 80% of the iceberg you didn’t see that can sink your business. A clean, fast, API that scales is critical for mobile application performance.

Technology Direction

Making informed choices on how you gather, manage, share, and protect your data early saves time and money. Our Orange Robot’s principals speak human and geek and can provide a help you navigate the buzzword ocean to reach a sensible/sustainable technology platform.

Meet Our Team

Scott White

Scott White

CEO / Founder

Heather White

Heather White


Gary Newcomb

CTO / Founder